A New Perception of Our Planet

Throughout millennia humanity has wondered about its relation to the cosmos and about its ultimate role and purpose in the matrix of life.

Introducing a new perception of our planet called Greater Earth - a perception that is based on Earth's true cosmic dimensions as defined by the laws of physics and how this new perception of our planet may catalyze an optimistic path to a sustainable and prosperous future.

Greater Earth Diagram
Greater Earth Space Station

An art intervention near Earth ...

An alternative space program is under development that is furthering the Culturalization of near Earth space.

On the Greater Earth space station resident artist Arthur Woods will make regular observations and conduct interviews about the status of the planet from his perspective in Earth orbit. Additional art interventions will be initiated and developed from this orbital platform.


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at the

Venice Biennale 2017


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Palazzo Bembo, Venice
May 13th to November 26th, 2017

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Communication 16-015 – The Space Race

Resident artist Arthur Woods comments on the information that is being collected by the GEO-Political Observatory. He points out, that from a statistical perspective, about 30% of the items concern”Space” activities which are generally positive and approximately the same percentage …