Greater.Earth at the Venice Biennale 2017

An art gallery in Switzerland proposed the Greater.Earth art intervention to the GlobalArtAffairs Foundation, to be included in the  “Personal Structures” group exhibition they are planning for the 2017 Venice Art Biennale. Since 2011 the GlobalArtAffairs Foundation and the European Cultural Centre has organized collateral events as part of the Venice Biennale in both the areas of art and architecture.

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Palazzo Bembo, Venice, Italy
May 13th to November 26th, 2017

The proposal has been accepted and confirmed as one of the exhibitors in the 2017 art exhibition.

Greater.Earth is a new perception of our planet and an art intervention taking placing in orbit near Earth. Resident artist Arthur Woods has created his own “Personal Structure” and personal space program in Earth orbit including rocket launchers, satellites, spaceplanes and a space station.

The installation planned for Venice will be an interactive outpost of the project with a direct connection to the Greater.Earth space station where Arthur will interact with the visitors to the exhibition via the Internet.

The installation will be designed to match the architectural  environment of the space station in Earth orbit.

It is expected that over 300,000 people will visit the exhibition.