Space Solutions to Terrestrial Problems

Most people intuitively assume and fundamentally believe that terrestrial problems must have terrestrial solutions. This is obviously due to a lack of understanding about our interconnectedness and interdependence with the rest of the Cosmos. As a terrestrially evolved organism, it is in our genes to adapt to our immediate environment as we have over millions of years. Only recently have we begun to become aware of how celestial events affect our lives. We now know that such events have been critically important to the evolution of life on Earth. Impacts of comets most likely provided a young Earth with the necessary water and perhaps even the necessary genetic materials for life to appear. Subsequent impacts by large asteroids are believed to have resulted in mass extinctions of life at various times in the history of our planet. The cycles of the Sun have resulted in a number of cold periods or ice-ages where life had to struggle to survive and numerous warm periods where life has blossomed and spread. And now, in recent times, human civilization has become increasingly dependent on technological assets located in space. Removing these space assets would pose dire consequences to the functioning of our complex technological society. Thus, in all aspects, humanity’s future on Earth is irrevocably linked to its future in space. 

The table below lists a number of problems, issues and challenges currently confronting human civilization that are paired with possible solutions that can be found through the utilization of space resources and technologies.

Greater Earth is the place where humanity can solve most of the challenges is currently faces.

The following topics will be discussed in this section in upcoming posts.

CO2 SBSP replaces fossil fuels
Meeting Future Energy Needs SBSP supplies unlimited energy
Transportation Electric & Hydrogen fueled vehicles powered by SBSP
Global Warming Solettas & Sun Shields permit cooling
Global Cooling SBSP & Space Mirrors to raise the temperature
Industrial Pollution of Biosphere Move polluting industries to space
Desalination of water SBSP supplies sufficient energy
Economic Crisis Millions of new jobs in the space tourism, space mining and space power industries
Declining Prosperity Importing wealth from space instead of using up the remaining wealth of Earth
Govt. planned & regulated economies Real free markets &  entrepreneurship opportunities
Debt creation Wealth creation
Lack of livable room Many new habitats throughout solar system
Political repression & control Individual freedoms & creativity
Resource Wars Infinite Resources
Tyrannical world government Many sovereign communities
Small elite ruling class Educated and democratic self determination
Geo-Political Conflicts Aggressive human tendencies redirected to conquering space frontier
Military Industial Complex Space Industrial Complex
Population pressures Higher standard of living = stabilizes birth rate
Worthless fiat money Extraterrestrial commodity backed currency
Cosmic Threats Space Infrastructure for planetary defense
Despair Hope
Stone Age Space Age
Loss of Bio-diversity Renewed reverence for all Life
Vulnerability of Life on Earth Resilience of Life beyond Earth
Extinction / Death Survival and perpetuation of all Life