Space Peace Star

Humanity has reached a pivotal moment in its brief history on Earth and it must soon make a critical choice about its future prospects. Throughout the world, confrontation has become more prevalent than cooperation. Working together by sharing goals and resources are the obvious keys to insuring both the survival of our species and the security of our civilization while at the same time fostering progress and freedom.

The Space Peace Star from Arthur Woods on Vimeo.

The technological capabilities to harness and utilize the inexhaustible resources located beyond Earth's atmosphere for the support of human civilization are now available. Instant access to and exchange of information enabling universal education have become available to anyone anywhere on our planet. Innovative technologies for the manufacturing and distribution of goods and services have been developed. Yet, instead of these remarkable developments leading to peace and progress on a global scale, WAR, in its many forms and consequences continues to spread throughout the world today.

Overt and covert military activities, economic and financial manipulations, propaganda and disinformation, surveillance and policing, acts of terrorism and false-flag events are being used by governments against their declared opponents and against their own citizens as well. In 2015, approximately US $1,7 trillion was reportably spent on military expenditures by the governments of the world. This is approximately US $250 spent for every citizen of our planet and represents 2.3 percent of the global gross domestic product. The most critical issue facing humanity, the one that will most likely determine its ultimate success or failure as a species is its propensity to wage war.

Is it not time for a change of direction?

Stat in the sky

Yes - and the direction is up and it up to us to go there!

The Space Peace Star project to put a star in the sky - a star of peace -  is an artistic intervention and global collaborative effort to influence the direction of humanity's future from one of chaos and misery to one of peace and prosperity.

The Space Peace Star mission is three-fold:

  1. to become a communication vehicle for global solidarity in the cause of peace and tolerance at a time when geopolitical tensions signal there is a serious threat to the future of human civilization,
  2. to symbolically connect  - through its development -  the promise of space development with the future well-being of humanity,
  3. to allow the public to become directly involved in a global initiative that opposes the forces of militarization and repression.

Space Peace Star

The Space Peace Star project has a long history which began in the mid-1980’s as the O.U.R.S. – Orbiting Unification Ring Satellite, a project to create a "circle in the sky" as a global symbol of unity, hope and peace to celebrate and to commemorate the arrival of the new millennium. The OUR-Space Peace Sculpture - a precursor project initiated at the height of the Cold War in 1988 to mark the 1992 International Space Year (ISY) was proposed to celebrate space as an emerging arena of peaceful international cooperation. The design of the OUR-SPS - a circle divided by a central quadrant - is the Greek astronomical symbol for planet Earth as well as an ancient and universal symbol found in many cultures.  A spaceflight opportunity was established in 1988 between the OURS Foundation and the USSR space agency Glavkosmos and a full sized OUR-Space Peace Sculpture with a diameter of 6 meters was built in 1990 by NPO Energia in Russia.

The first Cold War ended in 1991 with the dissolution of the USSR and the OUR-SPS and subsequently the O.U.R.S. projects were postponed due to uncertainties associated with the future of the Soviet space program. The context of confrontation also appeared to change as many nations actually began a significant cooperation in space – first on the Russian Mir space station and later on the International Space Station (ISS). However, the much hoped for “Peace Dividend” and an ease in tensions did not materialize at the end of the Cold War and today humanity is even closer to total global war.

Peace off Earth, Peace on Earth, Peace with Earth

The Space Peace Star is a new manifestation of the earlier Orbiting Unification Ring Satellite and the OUR-Space Peace Sculpture projects that builds upon the previous work and experience. Merging these two projects into a universal symbol of our planet carrying a message of Peace off Earth, Peace on Earth and Peace with Earth, realized through the support and participation of a global public and large enough to be visible to all citizens of planet Earth, the Space Peace Star will be a unifying message that the promise of a Space Age is preferable to the possibility of a Stone Age.


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