SOS - the Space Option Star Intervention

Space Option Star

As the window of opportunity for implementing The Space Option becomes smaller with each passing year,  the urgency of making humanity aware of this most optimistic choice for its future increases proportionally.

The acronym SOS is commonly used as the international Morse code distress signal (· · · – – – · · ·). In popular usage SOS became associated with such phrases as "save our ship", "save our souls" and "send out succour" but officially it does not stand for anything specific.

In addition,  as SOS is also an acronym for the Space Option Star project, we are using this project to send the message "save our spaceship" with "spaceship" being modern civilization - a global distress signal to be sent to world's population about the state of its civilization.

The artist and the community are profoundly interrelated. Traditionally, artists have been channels for the tempo, the tone and the intensity of their society and throughout history, art has served as a means to make complex issues more comprehensible.

SOS in the Sky

Preliminary visualization of the Space Option Star in the sky.

The novelty of placing a large scale artwork in Earth orbit – one that would be visible to much of the world’s population - would effectively and economically serve as a global communication opportunity. In addition to its physical reality in the skies of our planet, the media and political attention before - during and after the event- would significantly enhance both the awareness and the discussion of developing the territories of Greater Earth and implementing the Space Option throughout all cultures around the world.

Since its inception, a key element in the Space Option concept has been the utilization of extraterrestrial resources for meeting the needs of humanity on Earth, most specifically that of energy. Having sufficient energy is essential for our civilization to survive and thrive as energy is not only is the key to universal prosperity, plentiful and environmentally benign energy is also essential for addressing the many environmental and geopolitical problems challenging our species at the moment.  It has been shown that Space Solar Power (SPS) often also referred to as Space-Based Solar Power (SBSP) has the potential to meet all of the energy needs of our growing civilization in an environmentally friendly manner thus replacing our reliance on hydrocarbon and nuclear fuels and negating some of the problems associated with these sources of energy. Thus, the Space Option Star is being proposed as an art and technology project with the goal to place a large satellite with the shape of an icosahedron into Earth orbit that will create a blinking star in the sky which will be, not only a global distress signal, but simultaneously a call to action to implement the Space Option and, last but not least, as an early in situ demonstration of Space Solar Power .

Space Option Star

Space Option Star in Orbit

Preliminary visualization of the Space Option Star in orbit.

The Space Option Star has a dual purpose: first, to alert and inform the world population to the Space Option concept as the most optimistic choice which can be made by humanity about its future and, second, to demonstrate an early example of Space Solar Power which has been a key element in the Space Option future scenario.

The Space Option Star will utilize an inflatable laminated membrane technology incorporating a thin-film photovoltaic outer surface. Once in orbit, the reflective, faceted shape of the Space Option Star will reflect sunlight as it rotates causing it to appear as a blinking star in the night sky for a period of approximately one month or longer. In addition to the visibility aspects which will make Space Option Star a significant global art work available to much of the world’s population, interactive components will enable communication with Space Option Star at public locations around the world such as art and science museums and schools.

The technical mission of the Space Option Star will be to collect sunlight, transform it into energy and then to transmit this energy via a concentrated beam to provide power for an auxiliary, unattached object in orbit which will then use this power to communicate with the Earth. As such, the Space Option Star will be an early in situ demonstrator of Space Solar Power.  Last but not least, the Space Option Star will be developed as commercial investment opportunity involving a consortium of companies, institutions and individuals with the goal that the obtained proprietary knowledge and experience can be applied by the shareholders to making the idea of SPS a commercial reality.

As conceived, the Space Option Star will be an interdisciplinary, multi-dimensional art, science, technology and educational project designed to inform and excite the world population about the importance and urgency of implementing the Space Option and the many advantages of using space technology to meet some of the growing essential needs of the humanity as well being an example of the inherent commercial opportunities involved in space development.

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