Early in my art career, I looked to science for a contemporary description of reality. I became interested and fascinated by particle physics and the minute structures of the microcosmos. I learned that all form is transitory and the entire cosmos is engaged in a perpetual dance of matter and energy. Applying this insight to my immediate environment I became aware that the entire material world that we call "reality" is both interdependent and interconnected.

Based on this insight into the nature of reality, in the 1970's I began to develop a painting technique that used points and dabs of color as a visual metaphor for the components of the sub-atomic universe - the microcosmos. Into fields of color points I integrated calligraphic lines, symbols and geometric shapes to create a visual representation of the dynamic cosmos. Over the years I applied this "pointillistic" painting technique to a variety of artistic expressions that included both abstract and hyperrealistic paintings as well as three-dimensional sculptural works.

About My Painting

Using the scientific information described above as a "point of departure",  I developed a unique pointillistic painting technique which served both my abstract and my figurative explorations.

In order to develop the Greater.Earth art intervention, I am offering a selection of the paintings that I have created over the years. Below are some examples and please click on the appropriate link to see which works are available.

Song of Our Star Paintings

Song of Our Star

Song of Our Star - 120 x 120 cm (169 cm diagonal)

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Signs and Symbols Paintings

Signs & Symbols - 70 x 70 cm

The Signs and Symbols Series were expressionistic paintings with layers of translucent fields of color merged together in a primal unstable state of flux that is punctuated with momentary markers of understanding symbolically represented by signs, symbols, numbers and characters of various cultures.


Voyagers Series Paintings


Voyagers Series - 130 95 cm

The Voyager Series depicted multi-dimensional universes of color and geometric shape. Having no specific top or bottom, these two-dimensional shaped canvases created three-dimensional illusions which changed perspective when hung in different positions.


Painted Sculptures


Reclining Figure - painted sculpture 60 x 45 x 25 cm

This artistic exploration led to a series of painted three-dimensional works such as the one above. Like the Voyager paintings,  this sculpture may be placed in a number of different positions determined by gravity. This approach to painted sculpture was used for the Cosmic Dancer  on the Mir space station. 


Earth Energies

Earth Energies

Earth Energies Series - 70 x 80 cm

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My “Earth Energies” series of paintings are focused on the “overview” of planet Earth situated in a cosmic environment full of energy, resources and activity. As gravity already exerted a significant influence on my art, the message embodied in these works is that Earth's physical boundary is not limited to its atmosphere but extends outward to its real cosmic boundary - that which is defined by Earth’s own gravitational influence in its immediate cosmos - Greater Earth.


Project Paintings


Cosmic Dancer painting,  105 x 140 cm.


Lift-Off Proton Rocket / Lift-Off US Space Shuttle
Each painting 160 x 120 cm, Acrylic on Canvas

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These "Project Paintings" were created for exhibitions presenting  the various O.U.R.S. projects. They are painted in the same "pointillistic" technique used for most of my paintings in this period.


Nature Paintings


Tree Dream / Baumtraum - 100 x 75 cm

In the beginning of the 1990's I began applying my pointillistic painting technique to recognizable images from my immediate surroundings with the emphasis that all form is in a state of transition and interaction with the universe. I became challenged by the complexity of nature that I was experiencing and this required a more controlled approach to painting . The result is a series of contemporary realistic works in my Nature Painting Series. Most of these paintings are scenes of the Swiss countryside - forests, rivers, pathways and meadows.