Greater Earth Brooch

Wear the jewel of Greater Earth.
Designed by Resident Artist Arthur Woods

The circle with the central cross is the Greek astronomical symbol of planet Earth and the same design as the Space Peace Star as well as our space station above Earth. The precious opal in the center represents our home planet in the symbol of Earth.

Exclusive, limited edition Greater Earth brooch handmade jewel in silver, gold and and an opal.

Each brooch is numbered.

Purchasing a Greater Earth Brooch supports the development of the Greater Earth project and entitles you to full participation in the Greater Earth forum.

Greater Earth Brooch #61
Greater Earth Brooch #61
Greater Earth Brooch
Handmade jewel brooch made with Silver, Gold and an Opal in the center.
Each Brooch is numbered. This brooch is number #61
Size: 3.5 cm in diameter.
Shipped via registered post to anywhere on Earth: CHF 30.00
Customs duties and fees are not included in the sales prices and are the responsibility of the buyer.

Brooch with model