GEAU – the Greater Earth Accounting Unit

The GEAU is the ArtOfficial Currency of Greater Earth.

“As Good as Gold” – backed by the plentiful resources of Greater Earth, the actual price of one GEAU is equivalent to the current terrestrial retail price of one gram of physical gold as listed in the Raiffeissen Bank of Switzerland. The price of the GEAU will be updated on a regular basis to reflect the ongoing worldwide devaluation of all fiat currencies.

The GEAU is a 3D printed object made out of polished “Alumide” – a special form of metallic AstroStuff.


GEAU Certificate

You may carry it with you, frame it, put in a safe deposit box, show it to other Greater Earth Crew members and, as an investment in the future,  you may wish to give one to your children and grandchildren. Of course, you may use it in the facilities of Greater Earth once you arrive.

All sales of the GEAU will go to the development of the Greater Earth project and other Greater Earth art interventions.

Owning one GEAU  entitles you to full participation in the Greater Earth forum.

It is delivered with a numbered certificate that is signed by the Resident Artist or some other person with signature authority.

Greater Earth Accounting Unit - the ArtOfficial currency of Greater Earth.
3D printed object made out of polished metallic “Alumide” .
Diameter: 2.8 cm
Shipping to any destination on Earth: CHF 10.00