GEO-Political Observatory

GEO-Political Observatory

The GEO-Political Observatory (GEO-PO) is an Earth observation satellite that focuses on the geopolitical events and developments that are affecting the state of civilization and the well-being of the citizens of Earth.

The average citizen of Earth is appalled that their political leaders, working in collusion with financial and corporate interests, are willing to risk the future of our civilization and, indeed, the very survival of humanity in order to implement geopolitical agendas designed to have hegemony over resources, nations and peoples while sacrificing the freedom and security of their own citizens.

In the age of Internet, it has become known that many of these agendas are being carried out in secrecy by a relatively small group of financial, corporate and governmental entities and are often disguised under seemingly beneficial governmental humanitarian programs but are in reality calculated strategies to achieve the wider selfish goals of their planners.

The results of such agendas most often leads to war, chaos and misery instead of to peace, hope and prosperity. As humanity has in recent years developed the necessary technologies to harness the infinite resources located just above the atmosphere of Earth for the benefit of all citizens of the planet, tyrannical control over finite terrestrial resources and populations by a select few is detrimental to the future of humanity.

While in orbit, the GEO-PO will be used to gather data that will add transparency and insight to these operations and will contribute to a comprehensive analysis of the current geopolitical situation while making this information available to the citizens of planet Earth via the Internet. The GEO-PO will supply a steady stream of information that is precisely focused on these issues. As geopolitical developments emerge or change the software on-board the satellite can be modified to refine its focus on specific targets of interests. The GEO-PO is a counter-point to the many surveillance devices - including those located in space - that have been deployed to track and control the average citizen on Earth.

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