116 05 Nov 2016 Lesser Worlds e-flux Architecture / Felicity D. Scott That is, whether we are talking about an evidently artificial environment like a space colony, or its allegorical double in an earthly environment, functioning similarly as a biopolitical apparatus of subject formation, there remains the possibility for spaces of more progressive subjective and political revalencing, just as there remains space for a politics of design. Art
117 06 Nov 2016 At JPL, Art Turns Public Eyes (and Ears) Toward Space Pasadena Now Visitors inside the Orbit Pavilion, a sound installation designed to teach the public about NASA's earth science satellites. The installation was designed ... Art
118 04 Nov 2016 NASA unveils new James Webb Space Telescope that will revolutionize how universe is seen
Desktop wallpaper around the globe will soon be graced with the most stunning, high-definition images of the universe, thanks to NASA's recently ... Art
122 04 Nov 2016 Japan rocket with manga art launches satellite into space Japan Today A Japanese rocket that fired a weather satellite into space on Wednesday was decked out in colorful manga in a bid to raise awareness among kids ... Art
140 11 Nov 2016 A Look Ahead at Donald Trump’s Victory and the Coming Culture Wars artnet news / Christian Viveros-Fauné Because the art world overwhelmingly supported Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton for president (at least in public), Donald Trump’s stupefying election win was met less with considered responses, than with utter shock and disbelief. Art
141 11 Nov 2016 Here’s What Artists Have to Say About the Future of America Under Donald Trump artnet news / Sarah Cascone In the wake of the election of Donald Trump to the US presidency, artnet News has reached out to a number of artists for their thoughts on the event and its potential effects—within the arts, the nation, and the world at large. For some artists, the election’s unexpected outcome was still too raw, the perceived wound too fresh, for them to put their emotions into words. For others, the chance to reflect on Hillary Clinton’s loss and its ramifications was a chance for catharsis. This means that, for many, the healing power of the arts can offer a way forward as we look to fix a deeply divided and possibly broken nation. Art
161 17 Nov 2016 What does outer space sound like? Hear NASA's satellite symphony at the Huntington Los Angeles Times / Deborah Vankin NASA’s 19 earth science satellites, which are quietly circling the planet, seem to be communicating with visitors of the pavilion, their combined “voices” creating a cacophonous concert that now echoes inside the domed chamber. Art