GEO-PO Analysis

1 21 Sep 2016 Russia Trumps USA Energy War in Mideast F. William Engdahl In a fundamental sense the entirety of the five-year-long war over Syria, as well as the entire Arab Spring from Libya to Egypt to Iraq has been about control of hydrocarbon resources—oil and natural gas– and of potential hydrocarbon pipelines to the promising markets of the European Union Analysis
3 21 Sep 2016 What is a globalist? Lauren Southern / TheRebel Lauren Southern explains, some of the people using it are nationalists, or patriots (they see globalism as a threat to the sovereignty of their nation... whichever nation that happens to be). Others argue that the term "globalism" is just a scary catch-all word invented by Trump supporters, or the alt right. Analysis
8 21 Sep 2016 15 years of crime Thierry Meyssan / Thierry Meyssan takes an honest look at Washington’s policies since 9/11 and it is not a pretty picture. There are two ways of looking at it – either the White House’s version of the 9/11 attacks is correct, in which case their response has been particularly counter-productive, or else it’s a lie, in which case they have succeeded in pillaging the Greater Middle East. Analysis
9 21 Sep 2016 Smashing the Lies With 9/11 Truth The Corbett Report 9/11 Suspects Playlist: Thank you for your help in spreading the word about the 9/11 Suspects series. Christine Todd Whitman is now issuing her first (non) “apology” in 15 years, just days after the release of the Whitman suspect video. Analysis
21 24 Sep 2016 The War on Reality: How globalists occupy your mind to control everything / Mike Adams The War on Reality. Latest mini-documentary from the Health Ranger. Analysis
25 27 Sep 2016 Joe Biden is Washington Troublemaker-in-Chief F. William Engdahl Biden is clearly an enforcer for a faction of what we might call the permanent establishment, the hidden real government that runs on automatic imperial pilot regardless who is nominal US President. The“permanent establishment” sees with horror that its grip on the entire world is crumbling and it does only what it has always tried in such cases—war, war, war. Analysis
39 03 Oct 2016 Trump Struggles With Politics, Hillary Struggles With Geopolitics Huffington Post / William Bradley It’s more than worth noting that Donald Trump continues to struggle with basic politics, thus giving a free ride to Hillary Clinton’s struggle with geopolitics. One of the cornerstones of of the former secretary of state’s geopolitical strategy, the Syrian civil war, is collapsing right now, even faster than the idea that Trump can get out of his way long enough to drive some points home. Analysis
45 04 Oct 2016 The Eurasian Century is Now Unstoppable NEO / F. William Engdahl The Eurasian Century is the name I give to the economic emergence of the countries contiguous from China across Central Asia, Russia, Belarus, Iran and potentially Turkey. They are being integrally linked through the largest public infrastructure projects in modern history, in fact the most ambitious ever, largely concentrated on the 2013 initiative by Chinese President Xi Jinping called the One Belt, One Road initiative or OBOR. Analysis
71 15 Oct 2016 Brian Cox: We Won’t Be Hearing From Alien Civilizations Futurism English physicist Brian Cox believes that the growth of science and engineering inevitably outstrips the development of political expertise, leading to disaster. He believes that intelligent extraterrestrial life may have unwittingly rendered themselves extinct. Intelligent life destroys itself as soon as it becomes advanced, the physicist believes, “we could be approaching that position.” Analysis
72 14 Oct 2016 Are we Being Prepared for World War III? Armstrong Economics I cannot stress strong enough that there is no way they will allow Trump to enter the White House. It appears that should he win, like BREXIT against the odds and the polls, Obama will not leave and the election will be declared a fraud. Obama will most likely step down and hand it to Joe Biden. Our models are showing November as a rather important turning point and this seems unusual insofar as that it would be limited to merely an election. Something else may be in the wind. Analysis
74 14 Oct 2016 The Generators, Agent Provocateurs & Opportunists of the Refugee Crisis Newsbud / Sibel Edmonds Sibel Edmonds, James Corbett, and Professor Filip Kovacevic join Spiro Skouras to discuss what is being called the 'worst humanitarian crisis' of our time. They look behind the curtain to find the root causes for why and how millions of people are migrating from war torn countries, and who benefits. Analysis
86 19 Oct 2016 The Winds of War Armstrong Economics / Martin Armstrong The stars are beginning to align, as they say, and the winds of war may be upon us to divert the people from revolution due to the collapse of socialism and all its promises.War becomes a tool of conquest or diversion. We are in the latter stage of this motive. Analysis
93 21 Oct 2016 Vladimir Putin’s Third Way: As Seen Through the Nooscope NEO / Phil Butler We in fact do possess a collective consciousness, and evidence is showing that humankind has in fact entered a third phase of development. The theory goes something like this. The noosphere is this third successive phase after the so called geosphere (inanimate matter) and the biosphere (biological life). Just as the formation of life changed the
geosphere, the emergence of human cognition fundamentally altered the biosphere. So, the noosphere emergence theory is the point where humankind steps into an era where resources are created through the transmutation of elements. Analysis
99 30 Oct 2016 The Real Reasons Why FBI Director James Comey Reopened the Hillary Email Investigation Global Research / Joachim Hagopian Because it’s so blatantly obvious to the entire world that Hillary is guilty as sin, Comey’s whitewash didn’t go over well with either Americans or longtime FBI agents who reacted angrily to Comey’s over-the-top corruption. Subsequently in recent months Comey has had a virtual mutiny on his hands as in the FBI boss has lost all credibility, respect and moral authority. Analysis
100 31 Oct 2016 Can The American People Defeat The Oligarchy That Rules Them? — Paul Craig Roberts Paul Craig Roberts Hillary’s problem has the ruling American Oligarcy, for which Hillary is the total servant, concerned. What are they going to do about Trump if he wins? Will his fate be the same as John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, George Wallace? Time will tell. Or will a hotel maid appear at the last minute in the way that the Oligarchy got rid of Dominique Strauss-Kahn? Analysis
102 02 Nov 2016 Forget the FBI Cache; The Podesta Emails Show How America is Run Lew Rockwell / The Guardian / Thomas Frank WikiLeaks’ dump of messages to and from Clinton’s campaign chief offer an unprecedented view into the workings of the elite, and how it looks after itself. Analysis
120 06 Nov 2016 Here is the reason why we are currently even closer to a civilization-ending nuclear war than was the case during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 NEO / Christopher Black The ICC is meant to prevent war crimes and war but it has been used in fact to overthrow governments and throw their leaders in prison, or in the tragic case of Muammar Gadhafi, provoke war and excuse murder; just as the ICTY in The Hague was used to justify the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia and the arrest and death in NATO hands of President Milosevic. The ICC continues in that criminal tradition. Analysis
123 03 Nov 2016 Why China, Secretive For Decades, Is Opening Its Space Program To Tourists Forbes China, known historically for its secretive space program, is suddenly ... held that China had been hiding the militarization of space over the past 70 ... Analysis
124 03 Nov 2016 CIVIL WAR II – FOURTH TURNING INTENSIFYING (PART I) The Burning Platform / Jim Quinn Based on the current path of this Fourth Turning, I’m now convinced of this alternating sequence between advancement cycles and atonement cycles. The advancement cycles can be seen as establishing, whereas atonement cycles are disestablishing. It is apparent each Fourth Turning alternates between an external struggle and an internal struggle. Analysis
125 04 Nov 2016 CIVIL WAR II – FOURTH TURNING INTENSIFYING (PART 2) The Burning Platform / Jim Quinn No matter who wins the US presidential election, turmoil and trouble will befall our crumbling empire of debt. The three drivers of this Fourth Turning – debt, civic decay, global disorder – will continue to provide the impetus for change, conflict and the sweeping away of the morally bankrupt establishment. The empire builders planted the seeds of their own destruction. Analysis
131 08 Nov 2016 US Presidential Elections Sound a Warning of Catastrophes to Come The Daily Bell These elections – whether Hillary wins or Trump – are evidently the starting gun, along with the European immigrant crisis, for a new series of elite programs. These will likely yield up serial catastrophes that will change lives and belief structures going forward for millions and even billions. Building an international world, whether the effort is to be successful or not, is a massive and horribly disruptive and bloody prospect. Americans would be wise to perceive this latest presidential elections as a kind of warning of what it is to come. Analysis
134 10 Nov 2016 US Political Establishment Rallies Behind Trump Global Research / Patrick Martin Only hours after Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called Republican candidate Donald Trump to concede the November 8 election, the political establishment of both corporate-controlled parties has embraced Trump as president-elect and buried any criticism of his fascistic appeals. Analysis
135 09 Nov 2016 Trump is the Anti-Obama, Just Like Obama Was the Anti-Bush (But It’s All a Con Game) VT / Kevin Barrett Trump looks SO different from Obama, who comes across as a sensitive, educated, literate, liberal, wishy-washy, black, globalist anti-racist. Trump embodies the precise opposite of all these qualities: He is an ultra-assertive insensitive racist nativist nationalist boor who has never finished a serious book in his life. Such differences are purely superficial, designed to hypnotize us into imagining that we are living in a democracy. In reality, presidents are just front men for the global elite and the powerful interests they represent. Analysis
137 10 Nov 2016 After the (s)Election - #NewWorldNextWeek New World Next Week / James Corbett & James Evan Pilato James Corbett and James Evan Pilato discuss the recent US presidential elections. Analysis
139 10 Nov 2016 By Seizing the Definition of ‘Populism,’ Reuters Warns Us of Chaos to Come Daily Bell The emergence of “populism versus globalism” doesn’t just provide us with evidence of editorial control. Even more importantly it shows us how those who secretly run our societies find this sort of meme-making to be a priority because it anticipates trends and reinterprets them. Analysis
142 11 Nov 2016 The Morning After the Night Before Bionic Mosquito The tension in the country will only increase: tension between the intellectual-yet-idiot class and the deplorables; tension between the useful idiots and the productive class; tensions within the elite and deep state. All will increase over the next four years. Tension will lead to conflict. Open conflict. Analysis
148 13 Nov 2016 The Latest Wikileaks Were a Bridge Too Far for Hillary to Win Truthstream Media / (Video) And some people thought "Eyes Wide Shut" was just a movie. This woman was becoming way too much of a liability for the elite... imagine how many people would never stop digging if they forced her into the Oval Office, when the stuff we've already found is damning to the highest levels of the globe's evil power structure... Analysis
154 16 Nov 2016 A Trump Doctrine -- 'America First' / Patrick J. Buchanan Then Trump should move expeditiously to lay out and fix the broad outlines of his foreign policy, which entails rebuilding our military while beginning the cancellation of war guarantees that have no connection to U.S. vital interests. We cannot continue to bankrupt ourselves to fight other countries’ wars or pay other countries’ bills. Analysis
155 16 Nov 2016 Stay Alert, America: The Worst Is Yet to Come The Rutherford Institute / John W. Whitehead Nothing has changed since the election to alter the immediate and very real dangers of roadside strip searches, government surveillance, biometric databases, citizens being treated like terrorists, imprisonments for criticizing the government, national ID cards, SWAT team raids, censorship, forcible blood draws and DNA extractions, private prisons, weaponized drones, red light cameras, tasers, active shooter drills, police misconduct and government corruption. Time alone will tell whether those who put their hopes in a political savior will find that trust rewarded or betrayed. Analysis
157 16 Nov 2016 Did you vote to #DrainTheSwamp? Take the #TrumpPledge! The Corbett Report / James Corbett Do you have the sinking feeling that Trump may start backing off his promises now that he’s in power. Is there the niggling doubt that the banksters, criminals and party insiders he’s surrounding himself with may not follow through on that draining of the swamp? Analysis
168 19 Nov 2016 GREY CHAMPION ASSUMES COMMAND (PART ONE) The Burning Platform / Jim Quinn The linear thinking establishment is losing their proverbial minds over Trump’s landslide electoral victory, they never saw coming. They’re flabbergasted, angry, and living in denial as history tracks a path it travels every eighty years or so. As the Greatest Generation departs this earth, there are few left who lived through the last Fourth Turning. Analysis
169 20 Nov 2016 GREY CHAMPION ASSUMES COMMAND (PART TWO) The Burning Platform / Jim Quinn Those hoping for the Trump presidency to somehow derail this Fourth Turning are delusional. Fourth Turnings never de-intensify. They build to a bloody crescendo, with the existing social order left in tatters and clear winners and losers. I think it is useful to describe this Fourth Turning in terms everyone should understand. Analysis
172 21 Nov 2016 When It Comes to Fake News, the U.S. Government Is the Biggest Culprit The Rutherford Institute / John W. Whitehead In the midst of the media’s sudden headline-blaring apoplexy over fake news, you won’t hear much about the government’s role in producing, planting and peddling propaganda-driven fake news—often with the help of the corporate news media—because that’s not how the game works. Analysis
175 21 Nov 2016 The “Fake News” Controversy: Mainstream Media Used Fake Videos in Coverage of March Brussels Terror Attacks Global Research / Prof Michel Chossudovsky A smear campaign is currently underway accusing the alternative online media of producing “Fake News”. Our analysis confirms that the mainstream media are routinely involved in distorting the facts and turning realities upside down. Example: a GR March 2016 which documents how Belgium’s TV news used “fake videos” in its report of the Brussels terrorist attacks. In fact it was a blogger who discovered that the media had broadcast video footage from a 2011 Moscow airport attack. Analysis
180 23 Nov 2016 Enter Fake News as Replacement for Conspiracy Theory? Daily Bell / Staff Report If "conspiracy theory" really has lost impact – and apparently it has – as a way of debunking criticism of the Deep State, this is certainly a setback for modern propaganda. Analysis
190 26 Nov 2016 What I Learned From the “PropOrNot” Propaganda List The Corbett Report James Corbett has made this new, mysterious, anonymously-authored “propaganda list” of websites to watch out for in the era of #FakeNews and Russians under every rock. And yes, the list is as ridiculous as that sounds. Analysis