Digital Fine Art Prints

Today’s printmaking technologies enable the production of very high quality editions of artistic prints based on digital files such as computer graphics of photographs. In comparison with traditional printmaking techniques such as etching and lithography, these utilize digital files and, as such, there is no loss in quality in the production from one print to the next. Thus there is is no reason to produce these prints in limited editions. An unlimited edition reduces the “exclusive” value of a specific print which also makes owning the artwork more affordable to a larger audience. Another advantage is that these prints can be produced in various sizes.

Digital Fine Art Prints ( also referred to as Giclée prints ) are produced with an 8 or 9 color inkjet printer that uses pigment archival inks rather than dye inks used on most inkjet printers and are more expensive combined with special archival papers.

Epson Printer

Greater.Earth prints are 8-colour inkjet images produced with an Epson Stylus Photo R2400 printer that uses Epson UltraChrome K3 pigment inks on 192 g/m2 Epson Archival Matte Paper. With the combination of archival paper and archival pigment inks,  one can expect a lifespan of 70+ years.

As for “value” each Greater.Earth digital print is hand-signed by resident artist Arthur Woods.  Each purchase furthers the development of the Greater.Earth project and is a physical token of your involvement.

Choice of Paper

The other important aspect of a Fine Art Digital Print is the selection of the paper used for the print as the choice of paper also becomes an essential element in the final artwork.

Digital Prints on Archival Paper

Epson Archival Paper

When the final image is intended to be photographic the prints are printed on 192 g/m2 Epson Archival Matte Paper. This insures a high definition and long lasting quality. These prints look best when mounted behind a standard size Passepartout which also makes them suitable for easy framing. Each print is available in three different formats.

  1. Greater Earth Digital Fine Art Prints
  2. Cosmic Dancer Digital Fine Art Prints

Digital Prints on Handmade Paper

Handmade art papers contribute an aesthetic aspect to the final artwork. These papers are more suitable to graphic images and should be presented without matting or Passepartout because the beauty of the paper is an essential aspect of the artwork should be appreciated.  Each print is available in two different formats.

“Kahari” Natural Papers

kahari paper

The “Kahari” natural papers are delicate 60 g/m2 individual sheets made from the inner bark fibre of lokta or argeli, plants that grow in the high altitude forests of the Himalayan foothills.  Lokta (daphne bholua) grows above 3000 metres and produces a strong durable paper.  Argeli (edgeworthia papyrefera) is found above 2000 meters and makes a softer, more delicate paper.  Argeli fibre is also used for papermaking in Japan where it is called mitsumata.

  1. A Personal Singularity Series


“Silberburg” Buetten Papers

Silberburg Paper

The “Silberburg” Buetten papers are 110 g/m2 100% cotton handmade sheets produced using a 2000 year old method for making paper. These papers are suitable for both printmaking and sketching.

  1. Greater Earth Series