Greater Earth

Communication 16-016 – From Chaos to Cosmos


Hello Friends

Arthur Woods here and this is Communication 16-016.


Well it has been truly an entertaining election in the US and now the new President has been selected.

Apparently a lot of people US and also around the world are very surprised and not necessarily happy with this unexpected development.

Yes, indeed, it was a very strange election. But a “Choice” was made.

Now how will that choice influence and direct the American Empire remains to be seen.

Well I am not going to talk about this in detail other to say that our GEO-Political Observatory has been following this development and in our Data Stream you find the candidates positions on space policy if you are interested.

And if you want some insight into what may be in store for us after this very strange election, you should refer to the Analysis section in our data stream. Plenty of information is already flowing into this section.

So open your mind and take your time.

As you will see we have made searching the data stream easier by assigning a page to each category that the satellite is tracking. So go to the GEO-Political Observatory page on our website and just click of the appropriate button.

You will see we some new categories have been recently added including the category of ART.

Well – you are probably asking what does ART have to do with Geopolitics?

In the ART category you will find several items coming from the art world related to the Trump victory and its impact on the arts and vice-versa.

British Art Historian Herbert Read has written:

“The artist and the community are profoundly interrelated. Traditionally, artists have been channels for the tempo, the tone and the intensity of their society.”

Thus, I think ART is perhaps the most powerful option that the people of Earth have available to them – especially if we are losing faith in the political process and with our governments.

As an artist, as the resident artist of Greater Earth, I am introducing some artistic interventions that could – with your help – influence the future of humanity.

I think you will agree that our planetary civilization is in a critical situation. Stresses and forces are pulling society and our civilization apart.

And as I mentioned in previous communications, I believe that humanity has to soon make its Cosmic Choice in order to evolve into a cosmic civilization and the role and purpose of ART at this critical moment in our history is to help humanity understand its place and purpose in the universe and to help further its cosmic evolution.

You see that star behind me? No that is not the International Space Station, that star could be the Space Peace Star or it could be the Space Option Star – two of the art interventions that I have been working on for a number of years.

The first one has to do with diffusing the political tensions that may directly or indirectly lead to more perpetual military conflicts or even a world war 3 which could very well be the end of civilization.

The Space Option Star, is about our energy future, and our Climate future which also affects our economic future.

You can learn more about these two Greater Earth “star projects” in the intervention section of the Greater Dot Earth Website. Each of these art interventions have their own dedicated website.

Both of these “stars in the sky” these art interventions are about creating a future of peace, prosperity and hope for all humanity and they will help it to become a “Cosmic Civilization”.

Would not this be preferable to the hate and chaos we are seeing in the world today?

We have to go from “Chaos” to “Cosmos”.

ART will show us the way.

This has been communication 16-016

Thanks for watching.

Bye for now.