Greater Earth

Communication 16-012 – The Launch of the GEO-Political Observatory

Resident artist Arthur Woods is at the launch pad for the successful launch of the GEO-Political Observatory (GEO-PO) which is is an Earth observation satellite that focuses on the geopolitical events and developments that are impacting the state of civilization and the well-being of all citizens of Earth. While in orbit, the GEO-PO will be used to gather data that will add transparency and insight to these activities and will contribute to a comprehensive analysis of the current geopolitical situation while making this information available to the citizens of planet Earth via the Internet.

The GEO-PO will supply a steady stream of information that is precisely focused on these issues. As geopolitical developments emerge or change the software on-board the satellite can be modified to refine its focus on specific targets of interests. The GEO-PO is a counter-point to the many surveillance devices – including those located in space – that have been deployed to track and control the average citizen on Earth.
It sends a message to all political leaders in the world:

“We are watching you, too!”

Information and the GEO-PO data stream can be seen at the link below:
GEO-Political Observatory