Resident Artist Arthur Woods was the April 2016 AstroArtist of the month on the Astronomers Without Borders website.

The last post in the series was an interview with AWB’s Danelia de Paulis, Arthur and his long-time collaborator, Marco Bernasconi.

In addition to the interview above Arthur submitted four texts about his journey as an AstroArtist.

These texts are linked below.

Part 1 of 4

My name is Arthur Woods and I have been personally involved in humanity’s space program for almost 60 years. I am very pleased to have been invited to share my… READ MORE..


Part 2 of 4

As mentioned in my previous post, in the 1970’s my art had become inspired by scientific information about the nature of the universe which was reflected in my primary mode… READ MORE..


Part 3 of 4

Although the Orbiting Unification Ring Satellite and the OUR-Space Peace Sculpture projects described in the previous post were unfortunately postponed, the experienced gained and the contacts established led to the… READ MORE..


Part 4 of 4

This final post discusses the terrestrial activities of the OURS Foundation, the evolution of my painting with a realistic focus on the home planet, the Greater Earth and Space Option… READ MORE..


The Interview