ArtFunding is a form of crowdfunding which means that people can purchase artworks to support a particular project. It is also a way for people to identify with a particular art project and to become personally involved.  As “art” is one of the most expensive commodities in today’s society, art interventions such as those under development in Greater.Earth  will be primarily funded through the sale of art. This avoids the over commercialization of the typical sponsoring approach to such manifestations. However, we do welcome direct partnership arrangements in the development of the projects.

Art funded projects have a long history. A good example of multi-million dollar artist funded projects have been those undertaken by Christo and Jean-Claude – i.e. the  Wrapped Reichstag (1971-1995) which cost $15,000,000 to realize and was financed solely through the sales of artworks made and managed by the artists.

In today’s art market, artworks costing much more are regularly sold in art galleries, art fairs and in auctions. Perhaps some art collector will wish to purchase the Space Peace Star or the Space option Star before or while they are in orbit.

I have used this ArtFunding approach to project development for more than 40 years, even before the Internet and the social media was in prevalent and before the known first use of online “crowdfunding” in 1997.

In the mid 1980’s, during the development of the early O.U.R.S. projects, public painting events were organized at international space and art events, where the public was invited to paint on large walls of Mylar. The painted Mylar material was then cut into small squares and sold as “pieces of the ring”. To finance the spaceflight of the Cosmic Dancer to the Mir space station which cost approximately $100,000, I created 99 versions of the Cosmic Dancer, which were made available to space enthusiasts and art collectors. Each Cosmic Dancer was the same exact size and material (square aluminum tubing) as the flight sculpture and was painted in my pointillistic painting technique. Each sculpture was finished in a different color scheme making each of the 99 versions a unique and original artwork.  These sculptures were then offered to the public through various art galleries and through advertisements in the print media. A few of these are still available on this website.

The following art items are currently available. New items will be added as they become available.

The GEAU – the Greater Earth Accounting Unit.

GEAU - Greater Earth Accounting Unit
The GEAU is a 3D printed object made out of polished “Alumide” – a special form of metallic AstroStuff and is the ArtOfficial currency of Greater Earth.

The Greater Earth Brooch

Greater Earth Brooch

This exclusive, limited edition Greater Earth brooch is handmade jewel in silver, gold and an opal. The circle with the central cross is the Greek astronomical symbol of planet Earth and the same design as the Space Peace Star as well as our space station above Earth. The precious opal in the center represents our home planet in the symbol of Earth.

Digital Fine Art Prints

These Digital Fine Art Prints  are 8-colour inkjet images printed with an Epson Stylus Photo R2400 printer with UltraChrome K3 pigment inks on 192 g/m2 Epson Archival Matte Paper  (also called Giclée prints) or on special handmade papers.

Each print comes in various sizes and is hand-signed by the artist.

Greater Earth Digital Fine Art Prints

SPS Fine Art Digital Print

Cosmic Dancer Digital Fine Art Prints

Cosmic Dancer Digital Fine Art Print

Cosmic Dancer Sculptures

Cosmic Dancer Sculpture

The Cosmic Dancer sculpture was the first three-dimensional art work specifically designed for a space habitat that was officially sent into space. Its mission was to investigate the properties of sculpture in weightlessness and to explore the process of integrating art into humanity’s space program – in space.

Launched on May 22, 1993 to the Russian Mir space station, the Cosmic Dancer was on the Mir station for a number of years until the Mir space station was de-orbited in 1991. The original Cosmic Dancer was never returned from space.
A few examples of this truly unique astronautical artwork are available from resident artist Arthur Woods.

Project Drawings/Collages

Project Drawing 1
Original project drawings with collage elements made for the O.U.R.S. Project. Each artwork is signed and dated by the resident artist Arthur Woods.

These works dating from 1986 are a combination of drawing and collage including paper elements and painted Mylar. They were the first conceptional studies made for the Orbiting Unification Ring Satellite (O.U.R.S.) would be constructed in orbit using Mylar an ultralight and reflective material.


In the 1970’s resident artist Arthur Woods began to develop a painting technique that used points and dabs of color as a visual metaphor for the components of the sub-atomic universe – the microcosmos. Into fields of color points he integrated calligraphic lines, symbols and geometric shapes to create a visual representation of the dynamic cosmos. Over the years he applied this “pointillistic” painting technique to a variety of artistic expressions that included both abstract and hyperrealistic paintings as well as three-dimensional sculptural works.

A variety of paintings representing the broad  spectrum of work done by resident artist Arthur Woods over the years including some of his most recent works are available on this website.

Song of Our Star
Song of Our Star – 120 x 120 cm (169 cm diagonal)

Earth Energies
Earth Energies Series – 70 x 80 cm

Lift Off Proton
Lift-Off Proton Rocket, 160 x 120 cm